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Our 6 key values

We work on satisfying your necessities with the highest quality.

We rely on constant improvement for all our processes.

We offer reasonable budgets.

We believe in respect and ethical behaviour with our competitors.

We guarantee safe working conditions.

We are committed to the community where we work.

We also worry about the environment and about natural resources, that’s why we apply the 3 Rs of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.


The first basic law to decrease pollution. We reduce our emissions with an efficient and sustainable driving. It is a difficult task, but also possible thanks to our drivers’ experience and our technology.


Our own workshop is the most effective way of avoiding unnecessary emissions, because our fleet avoids unnecessary trips to other garages. That’s why we can also offer faster repairs.


We recycle our waste to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. Following generations’ future is on our hands.

Our history


Among other activities, we started with a company based on birds growing and sale. One of our customers paid off his debt with a lorry, and from there, we entered in the field of transport increasingly adding more and more value to our services.

1980 Transportes F. Torrelles

In 1980, the company “Francisca Torrelles” was created to give transportation services to clients from food and construction areas. We weren’t looking for more customers but for a better service to those we already had. We wanted to offer the best quality to those who had trusted on us since the beginning.

1992 Cajebel was born

On the 20th of February, 1992, the marriage formed by Carlos and Francisca Torrelles stablished the current company. They both came from humble families, farmers and breeders, from Vilanova de Segrià and Rosselló.

“The Kangaroo Company”

Time proved that our business vision was successful which caused the obsolescence of the social structure developed in “Francisca Torrelles”. To keep the trust of our customers and to adapt to the new times, Cajebel S.L., “the Kangaroo Company”, was born. Our goals were, and they still are, to offer the best service and to help small carriers who couldn’t afford to give some services.

Corporate attributes

The name

The marriage formed by Carlos and Francisca Torrelles wanted their company to be named after their three children’s names. CA-rlos, JE-sús & a-BEL. It is easy to remember and keeps the family character of this company.

Purple and yellow

Purple and yellow, as well as our symbols, are our most visible and recognizable attributes. They are featured on our logo and on our whole fleet. These are not usual colours in the field of trucking, and they were chosen as an innovative characteristic that provides a trademark identity.

The Kangaroo

Animals represent globalization and integration and kangaroos represent the main values of Cajebel: Transport, Family, Speed, Mobility, Adaptation, Trust, Commitment, Protection and Differentiation.

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Cajebel con GMP+, qualimat, ovocom, efisc, pastus, Qs. Quality shceme for food y Aic Agricultural industries confederation