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What do you want to carry?

Cajebel is ready to carry any type of goods, no limits. We work daily on agri-foodstuffs industry and we collaborate with metallurgical companies, paper factories and many others.

We are able of whatever you need!

Just call us and a team made out of professionals will attend you. We offer a top-quality service with a competitive price. In case of doubt, ask for a quote filling in the form at the top of this website.

Bulk Goods

Palletized Goods

Goods in tankers

Refrigerated Goods

Delivery in 24 hours in Spain and France

Why should you choose Cajebel?

We own the 100% of our fleet

Our vehicles follow the latest procedures about sustainability and are equipped with the newest technology to offer the highest efficiency and environmental security.

Food Quality Guaranteed

Our vehicles are subjected to severe allergenic controls, because safety is our priority.

Customer Services

Exclusive customer attention so that our service would be completely personalized.

Taking Care

We take good care of your goods all along the service.

Instant Information

Real time data about your merchandise.

Our Own Workshop

Our own workshop to expedite procedures.

Customer Panel

And forget writing forms! Digital bills and a customer area that includes all the documents involved on your service.

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I've read and I accept the Legal Policy

Cajebel con GMP+, qualimat, ovocom, efisc, pastus, Qs. Quality shceme for food y Aic Agricultural industries confederation